You definitely won’t be thinking about these things while you’re inside Warwickshire’s premier escape room!

Are you still talking about Downton Abbey?

Have the French got over Agincourt?

What can I tell you that would convince you to give me your number?

These are only 3 of the very many questions we discuss every day.

It's very important to know! Gif courtesy giphy.

However, there’s a time and a place for everything.

Would you ever…

  • Ask whether the boss is putting on weight at the workplace?
  • Discuss your mother in law in front of your spouse?
  • Ask Malcolm Tucker to go an entire day without using the ‘f-word’?

Nyet, right?

Some questions just don’t belong in some situations.

You’d be happy to discuss your boss’ expanding waistline in a private Facebook group…


...but NEVER at the workplace.

There’s a time and a place for...not asking certain questions.

An escape room

What is an escape room?
What is an escape room?

An escape room is a shared, real-life adventure game.

You and your team are led into a room; and you need to find your way out, within 60 minutes.

Finding your way out

You need to stay focused on finding a way out. Gif courtesy giphy.

It’s a little more complicated than just walking over to the exit, pulling it open, and walking out.

The room is set up to simulate a dramatic situation, like an estate where a diamond is hidden, or an office from where someone has disappeared.

Strewn around the room are clues you must unearth that will tell you the way forward, and obstacles (like puzzles) you must make your way past.

Your objective will be to effect some kind of a resolution (like acquiring the hidden diamond), and find a way out, within one hour.

Shared experience

Even superheroes know the value of teamwork. Gif courtesy giphy.

An escape room is a shared experience.

The games are set up in such a way that it requires teamwork to win.

Everybody in the group must participate for the team to stand a chance of winning.


All that being said, here are the 5 questions that don’t belong inside an escape room.

Can you take my picture, please?

Nope, that ain't happening inside an escape room. Gif courtesy giphy.

I think you can understand that any escape room would zealously guard the secrets of its escape games, which means taking pictures inside any escape room would be banned.

Some escape rooms ask players to deposit their phones and cameras in lockers before entering the games.

Others may allow players to carry their phones and cameras with them, but their games masters will be on the lookout for anyone trying to snap pictures inside an escape game.

If caught, you will almost certainly be removed from the escape game instantaneously.

Did we have to bring him/her along?

NOT a good idea inside an escape room. Gif courtesy giphy.

Like I said, an escape game is a team-based activity.

All the team members must take part in the event.

The team dynamic will hardly work if you don’t like someone in the group.

When are you due?

Our escape games involve some crawling and crouching.

Plus, we’re located on the top floor of our building. So, if you’re pregnant, you may not enjoy the experience.

It’s also good general advice to not ask someone how far along they are unless you know for a fact they’re pregnant in the first place, #justsaying.

I’m bored. Can we rest a while?

Gif courtesy giphy.

Our rooms receive overwhelmingly “Excellent” reviews, so the question of getting bored will never arise. Guaranteed.

Plus, you have only one hour to find your way out, so ‘stop not till the goal is reached’ would be a good advice to follow inside an escape game.

Can we do that again, please?

Once you’ve done a particular challenge, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to redo it, since you know how it goes.

Plus, there’s the question of not getting distracted till you find your way out.

And those are the 5 questions that don’t belong inside an escape room.

Here is one question that definitely belongs inside this blog: Are you planning a day out in Leamington Spa?

If you are, hit us up!

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