A Budget Guide to Spending a Weekend Exploring Leamington Spa

Here’s a budget-friendly list of things to do in Leamington Spa this weekend.

Leamington Spa is a beautiful spa town in Warwickshire, England. If you’re near Stratford-Upon-Avon, this cosy town is a must-visit. Leamington is packed with several fascinating places to explore. And we’ll walk you through some of the sights that won’t cost you a penny.

In this guide, we’ll help you familiarise yourself with the terrain, learn about the region’s history, and explore nine places for free. So, stick around till the end to discover the top local budget-friendly attractions in town.

Leamington Spa - A Brief History

Royal Leamington Spa started as a hamlet before flourishing as a spa town in the 18th Century. People believed that the water here had medicinal properties and could heal the body and mind. The town is famous for its several parks and local attractions today, most of which are free for all.

How to Reach Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is located in the heart of the country, and this central location makes it equally accessible from every direction. The town is located 4 miles from the A46, 5 miles from junctions 13 and 14 of the M40, and 11 miles from the M45.

Leamington is also accessible from the North via M6, junction 4A, and the routes are clearly labelled. The town is connected by railway, and the station is barely a few minutes from the town centre.

Direct trains connect Leamington with neighbouring towns and cities like Banbury, Coventry, Birmingham, Birmingham International, and London Marylebone. The closest airport is Birmingham and takes half an hour by train.

Top Nine Places to Visit for Free in Leamington Spa

These are the top nine places to explore in Royal Leamington Spa on a budget trip. The places are free for all and can be explored in a few hours.

Jephson Gardens

If you’re visiting Leamington Spa, Jephson Gardens is a mandatory stop. These picturesque gardens were constructed in 1834 and are beautifully preserved to this day. The park has a magnificent collection of monuments, a scenic lake, and over 140 varieties of plants and trees.

Other popular attractions include an art studio, sensory garden, and café. Jephson Gardens won several awards over the years and is the ideal place for an idyllic stroll. Entry is free for all, and the paved path winds around the grounds in circles. Keep an eye out for several interesting statues and monuments on your journey.

Royal Pump Rooms

Perhaps the most iconic building in Royal Leamington Spa, the Royal Pump Rooms are a Grade-II listed building and the original site for the most famous spa baths in town during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Royal Pump Rooms currently houses the Leamington Spa Public Art Gallery and Museum. Visitors can explore the building for free and check out the several exhibits and events hosted throughout the year.

Jephson Glasshouse

The beautiful glasshouse is located within Jephson Gardens. Inaugurated in 2003, Jephson Glasshouse was constructed as part of the park’s Heritage Lottery fund restoration project. This iconic greenhouse flaunts several interesting plant species, a goldfish pond, an observational beehive, and a slate statue.

Jephson Glasshouse follows organic practices and avoids chemical pesticides and herbicides. The curators instead use biological pest control methods and pluck weeds by hand. Jephson Glasshouse is free for visitors. Don’t forget to check out this fantastic greenhouse and soak in its colourful display.

All Saints Church

A parish church for Royal Leamington Spa constructed in the 19th century, All Saints Church is one of the largest parish churches of the Church of England. The Gothic architecture is fascinating, and the church remains a place of regular worship. All Saints Church is open to all, and the community welcomes people from different walks of life to participate in their services.

Queen Victoria Statue

The regal statue of Queen Victoria is located right outside Royal Leamington Spa on Regent Grove. The statue was constructed in 1902 at an approximate cost of £1500 and is a local attraction.

A quote from Tennyson is inscribed on the front of the plinth. It reads, “Victoria Queen Empress 1837 – 1901. She wrought her people lasting good.” A comment was later added to the side of the pedestal. “A German bomb moved this statue an inch on its plinth on November 14, 1940.”

Queen Victoria Statue is located right on the pavement, and visitors can walk right up to it to admire the intricacies. During Christmas, the statue is the hub of activity. The town’s large Christmas Tree is decorated and set up right alongside the Queen’s statue.

Victoria Park

Located right outside Leamington Spa town centre, Victoria Park is quite popular among the locals. The park has a paddling pool and a massive playground for the kids to run around. Other attractions include tennis courts and a skating park.

Victoria Park is the heart of town during the warmer months. If you’re travelling with your significant other, take a stroll along the paved paths during sunset to create some fantastic memories.

War Memorial

A touching memorial for those brave souls that lost their lives fighting for their land, the War Memorial at Royal Leamington Spa deserves a passing visit. The memorial is situated in a peaceful green space away from the main Parade.

The monument is the brainchild of English sculptor Albert Toft and features a soldier with his head bowed, paying respect to the fallen. The War Memorial is the ideal place to pause and reflect upon our lives.

Elephant Trail

Located in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa, the Elephant Trail is a must-visit when you’re in town. The hike guides you to the sights of Sam Lockhart, the world-famous elephant trainer who lived and worked in Leamington Spa. And his stories are legendary in this part of the country.

Strolling in the Countryside

If you’re in Leamington Spa on a sunny afternoon, take a stroll down the beautiful country roads and explore the area. Warwickshire’s pretty landscapes are a sight to behold. Soak in the ambience and create memories for a lifetime.

Places to Visit Near Leamington Spa

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Are You Ready to Explore Leamington Spa on a Budget this Weekend?

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