Lesser-Known Events to Celebrate in An Escape Room

Five Lesser-Known Events to Celebrate in An Escape Room

Considering an escape room for your next team-building event or birthday party? Read to learn about 5 lesser-known events to celebrate in an escape room.

Escape rooms are thrilling whether you’re playing for the first time or the hundredth! These games are packed with immersive puzzles and mysteries that are exclusively crafted for a specific age group.

So, whether you’re visiting with friends, family, or kids, there’s something for every occasion. While you might know escape rooms as the perfect venue for hosting corporate events and birthday parties, that’s barely scratching the surface.

Five Lesser-Known Events to Celebrate in An Escape Room.

Here are five lesser-known events that call for an escape room celebration.

You’ve Been Promoted

These are the exact words that everyone loves to hear. A promotion comes with a bigger paycheck, a larger office, the respect of well-wishers, and jealousy of haters. I believe that calls for a celebration! And what better way to spend an evening in the company of well-wishers than solving a thrilling puzzle. Find the best escape room near you, pick a challenge, and invite your friends for a gala time.

Getting Married?

Escape rooms are a great way to start your pre-wedding festivities. Begin the day by solving an intricate puzzle with the bridesmaids/groomsmen to get the blood flowing. Unfortunately, alcohol and contraband aren’t permitted inside an escape room. But there are other ways of uplifting the mood. Don’t forget to save your energy for the revelries that are to come.

Celebrate the License to Drive

Earning your driving license is a major rite of passage that deserves a celebration. And what better way to blow off some steam than solving crimes and fighting evil at an escape room near you. Experimental Escape has several intriguing puzzles that you can solve with your best friends. Get your gang together and drive them to the venue as a precursor to the celebrations.

Reaching a Personal Goal

While we all set personal goals, we forget to reward ourselves for the accomplishment. But think of it this way. You’ve toiled to achieve your goals. So, you deserve a treat for perseverance. This is a great self-motivation for achieving the next goal and taking some rightly-deserved time off. And what better way to celebrate with friends than an escape game at Experimental Escape UK.

Celebrating Independence

Moving out of your parent’s house? Now that calls for celebration. Whether you’ve got your place or are renting a flat, it’s a major rite of passage. While living alone can be overwhelming, your friends and family are always around if you need people to talk to. So, get together with the people that matter and spend some quality time together playing an escape game.

Ready For Your First Escape Room Experience?

Escape rooms are fun. If you’ve never played an escape game before, get ready to experience the thrill. If you need help here are some interesting blogs that should give you a brief overview of what to expect.