A family celebrating the Christmas holiday.

How To Make This Christmas Truly Memorable

Top 10 tips for this festive season.

While we can’t help you make this Christmas white, we can show you how to make this festive season extra special. Here are a few simple steps to make this Christmas truly memorable. Tell us what you think.

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Best Christmas So Far

Relish the Build up to Christmas

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is the build-up to an event. Don’t let the little things that make Christmas special be overrun with the burden of frantic gift wrapping. Let’s celebrate this Christmas a bit differently. Kick your feet up and enjoy a warm cup of your favourite beverage as you slowly relax into the Christmas spirit.

Read a Book

There’s no other feeling quite like reading a book. Visit the Christmas special section in your local bookstore to find the best reads of the season. If storybooks are too monotonous, you can pick up a Christmas poem collection instead.

Watch a Movie

Let’s face it, we all have a favourite Christmas movie. So, why not invite your friends over for movie night? There’s just one rule, everyone suggests their favourite movie. Take an opinion poll to come up with a winner.

Make a Gingerbread House

Christmas is incomplete without a gingerbread house. So, head over to the kitchen and get your hands on a DIY gingerbread house kit. To make the experience a bit more fun, invite your friends and family and build together.

Buy Presents Online

Shopping online is a lot of fun, especially when buying gifts for people that you care about. No more queueing up to the local store for that last-minute present. Browse your favourite online retailer and pick what you need.

Write a Letter to Santa

If you have young kids, this is an excellent way to usher in the festive mood. If you want to get creative, instead of writing down gifts that your kids might want, encourage them to write down personal goals. You’ll be surprised by the enthusiasm and hard work that the kids will put in.

Make a Christmas Biscuit Tree Stack

Treat your guests to a biscuit tree stack this Christmas. Buy or make some dough, cut stars using a stencil, and bake until cooked. Once it’s done, wait for the biscuits to cool down and decorate them with white icing. The largest star sits at the bottom while the smallest goes on top.

Gather the Family Around for an Escape Game Experience

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