Alicia Yeath

Ending 3 - Congratulations!

Felicity Blyth

You have correctly identified that Stephen Abbott is the criminal. Curious on what happens next?


  • Stephen Abbott has been arrested for his murderous crimes and is set for life in prison.
  • Damien Tetral has been kicked off the police force for his corruption, lying and his role in this whole ordeal. It is unknown where he has ended up but due to the blacklisting from the emergency services, one could not think positively.
  • William Greenmantle was given an apology by those who have doubted his innocence through this whole ordeal. He has chosen to remain living the quiet life.
  • Alicia Yeath has attempted to turn herself in after admitting stealing the pendant. Fortunately for Alicia, the pendant is rightfully hers, as it belongs to her family. Furthermore, she finally gets a happy reunion with her daughter, which she originally thought she had lost.
  • Felicity has now moved to Manchester to be reunited with her mother

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