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The 10 Most Exciting Things to do in Coventry this Weekend

Coventry is the place to be if you like staying busy!

Located a mere 30-minutes from Birmingham and two hours northwest of London, Coventry is a bustling town packed with several fascinating local attractions. Visitors can relish the medieval architecture around town, spend a day at the impressive motor museum, or enjoy a quiet picnic on the outskirts of town.

Whether you plan to explore the area’s history or try out the best of the local cuisine, Coventry has something interesting to keep you amused. Voted the 2021 UK City of Culture, Coventry is the place to go for non-stop events.

Top 10 Things to do in Coventry this Weekend

Here’s our list of the top 10 activities in Coventry to help plan your itinerary.

Coventry Transport Museum

The holy grail of car enthusiasts, the Coventry Transport Museum is sure to arouse your curiosity in all things automotive. The museum is among the city’s top attractions and is a testament to the region’s history as England’s car manufacturing hub.

The exhibits have been on display at the current location since the 1980s, before which they were housed in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. Coventry Transport Museum has one of the largest collections of publicly-owned British vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. Other exhibits include over a million artefacts like books and photographs from the era.

Automotive enthusiasts can learn more about England’s vehicular history here. And it’s a lot of fun for families looking forward to spending a few hours together. The Coventry Transport Museum is also home to several fascinating exhibits like the Thrust SSC and the Thrust 2, two of the fastest supercars on the planet.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is one of Coventry’s top tourist attractions. You’ll find a bit of everything in this expansive space. And the exhibits include archaeological and historical artefacts, natural specimens, artwork, and an extensive history of the region dating back to the 1500s.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum offers the best of both worlds. The institution is complete with a records archive and a learning centre. The exhibits are broadly grouped into four categories, and the list includes Social and Industrial History, Natural History, Archaeology, and Visual Arts.

Coombe Abbey Park

Coombe Abbey Park is a must-see on your bucket list if you're visiting in spring. While the park is beautiful all through the year, the plants are in full bloom during spring, accentuating the beauty of Mother Nature.

Plan your visit between mid-April and May to catch a breath-taking view of the bluebells in bloom as they cover the landscape in a purple shroud. Pack your lunch and enjoy a picnic with the family on the open stretches of the park. Don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars to watch some fantastic bird species in their natural habitat.

There are several meandering trails around the park to help visitors find their way. Don’t forget to check out the discovery centre, fishery, playground, and the GO Ape! Adventure ropes course. Didn’t pack lunch? No worries, as the local café serves some of the best treats in the area.

Coventry Cathedral

The new Coventry Cathedral stands right next to the old building and is a sight to behold. Constructed in 1918, the dramatic structure of the old cathedral rose right in the middle of the city centre while its remarkable interior reflects the magnificent architecture of the era.

Sadly, the structure suffered the brunt of World War II, following which the new cathedral was constructed. The remains of the original building are the highlight of the tour. These include the Gothic spire and the remains of the splendid ornate walls.

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve is every bird-watcher’s paradise! Spread over 92-acres of marshland, the serene sanctuary is the ideal place to spot the British fowl. Visitors can wander through the meandering trails to catch Britain’s prized possession in action. And don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars or a camera.

If you’re looking to keep things easy, the shorter Woodpecker trail is your ideal escapade. But if you’re interested in some hardcore adventure, the Kingfisher trail awaits. Both paths are wheelchair accessible, and you can also push strollers without much difficulty.

The meandering path wanders alongside acres of grassland, wetland, woodland, reed beds, and several artificial pools. The area nurtures a thriving ecosystem, which is home to an impressive flora and fauna population. Don’t forget to stop by the visitor centre while grabbing a quick lunch at Badger’s Kitchen.

St Mary’s Guildhall

St. Mary’s Guildhall is a historical monument recently revamped to host private events and marriages. However, its status makes the trip worth it. Just plan your visit to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Situated right next to the Coventry Cathedral, St. Mart’s Guildhall dates back to 1352. It’s one of the oldest surviving structures in the world and also served as a prison house for Mary, Queen of Scots.

Once inside, you’ll find the Coventry Tapestry, believed to be the most important surviving example of art in the nation. Other historically significant artefacts include the furniture, stained glass, and armoury.

War Memorial Park

If you’d like to relish the serenity of the British countryside, we recommend spending a lazy afternoon at the War Memorial Park. Created in 1921 to honour the local soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the First World War, the park is the largest in town and an important part of Coventry’s heritage.

The 90-foot war memorial, designed by renowned architect Mr Tickner, is the park’s primary attraction. Don’t miss the 800 trees planted to remember the soldiers who died during the war.

War Memorial Park is the venue for the Godiva Festival. Apart from the annual musical fest, the park hosts the War Memorial Food Festival and the Legends Festival. If you’re tired from all the exploring, the on-site café serves lip-smacking treats.

Midland Air Museum

Midland Air Museum should be on every aviation enthusiast’s itinerary. Located adjacent to the Coventry Airport, Midland Air Museum has an impressive collection of over 45 aircraft. The program began as a private collection of aeronautical artefacts in the 1960s and grew into its current form.

Among the notable exhibits in the collection, the Vulcan Bomber and the Meteor stand out. Visitors can learn all about the Midlands and get a close look at Sir Frank Whittle, the pioneer of the British jet-powered plane.

Once you’re tired from all the exploring, drop by Argosy Tea Room for some tasty snacks and a warm cuppa. Don’t forget to swing by the souvenir shop and pick up a book on aviation history and prints, posters, paintings, etc.

Coventry Music Museum

Visit the Coventry Music Museum to trace the history of the local music scene back to Roman times. The museum is the brainchild of music historian and journalist Pete Chambers and his wife Julie and is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Whether you like to strum the guitar, play a few notes on the piano, or compose songs, Coventry Music Museum is equipped for it all. Drop by the café and shop at the 2-Tone Village and check out the Coventry Music Wall of Fame.

Other attractions include the Ghost Town Car ride and the on-site recording studio. If you’re visiting during the weekend, stick around for a concert. The museum invites an artist/band every month to showcase their talent at the underground Knights venue.

FarGo Village

FarGo Village is an industrial space repurposed for artistic use. The venue is home to over forty independent businesses selling interesting items from funky artwork to unique clothes, vegan and artisan food, etc.

Visitors must check out the events scheduled at The Box. The exclusive venue packs a busy calendar and promises a grand time. Drop by on a Friday between 5.30 PM and 10 PM for fantastic food, music, and shopping opportunities.

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