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The Five TOP Things To Do In Kenilworth In January 2022

From top-notch tourist attractions, to quirky offbeat things to do…there’s something for everyone!

Looking for the best things to do in Kenilworth in January?


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Five best things to do in Kenilworth this January

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January is one of the best times to visit Kenilworth, with plenty of interesting events and activities that you can check out.

From well-known historical attractions to long walks through offbeat trails, and a number of quirky, non-touristy features, here are the 5 best things to do in Kenilworth this January!

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    Visit Kenilworth Castle


    A fascinating castle, one that’s been in existence in some form or the other since the 1100’s.


    You’ll almost feel history coming alive; whether it’s the rush of members of the nobility and other officials discussing matters of state in quiet whispers, or it’s the cries of impassioned warriors rushing forth to defend the castle against attack (yes, it’s seen its share of battles).


    Fact: Kenilworth Castle used to be a lake fortress, meaning it used to be surrounded by a lake, to make it difficult for attackers to reach.


    The lake (known as the Great Mere) has long been drained and now a green meadow lies in its place. Ask the staff to show you where the lake was, if you find this fascinating!


    The red colour that marks most of the castle walls makes a striking contrast with the sky.


    Pro tip: For great social media snaps, try to take pictures of the exterior at sunrise and at sunset.


    Some of the things you must check out at Kenilworth Castle:

    • Views from the castle tower.
    • Sneak (actually you can just walk) into the private staircase, state room and gallery built for Elizabeth I.
    • Walk through the stately Elizabethan Garden.
    • The castle ‘keep’ - the heart of its defense against attack.
    • Various interactive displays in the Tudor Stables.


    As they mention on their website,

    Experience 900 years of history as you can marvel at the mighty medieval keep, climb the towers to admire the fantastic views, and imagine the majesty of the Great Hall.


    Website: Visit the Kenilworth Castle website


    Social media: Facebook




    Phone: +44 1926 852078

    Visit Stoneleigh Abbey (are you a Jane Austen fan?)

    Just like Kenilworth Castle, Stoneleigh Abbey has been in existence since the 1100’s,


    However, unlike Kenilworth Castle, Stoneleigh Abbey started out as a place of worship…at least, that was how it started, as a home/monastery for a sect of Catholic monks (known as the Cistercians).


    Over time however, it transitioned into an estate for the nobility, most notably for the Leigh family.

    Fact: If you are a Jane Austen fan, Stoneleigh Abbey MUST be on your list of things to do in Kenilworth!

    The Jane Austen connection

    As it turns out, Jane Austen’s mother Cassandra was from the Leigh family who came to own the Abbey for much of its history.


    Ms Austen spent many happy years at the estate, and it was there that she got a lot of inspiration from, for many of her novels.


    For example, if you’ve read Mansfield Park, you should find the Chapel very interesting!


    Some of the things that you must check out at Stoneleigh Abbey:

    • All of their rooms, like the saloon, the library, and so on.
    • Afternoon tea at the tearoom.
    • The gatehouse.
    • Walk through the grounds (which are still being restored to their original state, an acclaimed design put together by the well-known landscape architect Humphry Repton).


    As they mention on their website,

    A wonderful day out for all the family. Set in 690 acres parkland.

    Stoneleigh Abbey is a beautiful stately home located in the Warwickshire countryside. A truly hidden gem.


    Website: Visit the Stoneleigh Abbey website


    Social media: Instagram




    Phone: 01926 858535

    Walk through the Abbey Fields


    Fancy a walk through open fields in Kenilworth, rather than sauntering through buildings, however historic?


    Well, then, stroll on down to the Abbey Fields!


    Note: Just to be clear, Abbey Fields doesn’t have a lot to do with Stoneleigh Abbey, other than both of them being memorable Kenilworth attractions.


    This verdant field is home to many a historic attraction in Kenilworth, most notably the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, and St Nicholas’ Church.


    A great place for a brisk morning walk, or a lazy afternoon walk and sit-down.


    Some of the things that you must check out at Abbey Fields:

    • The ruins of St Mary’s Abbey.
    • St Nicholas’ Church.
    • The First World War Memorial.
    • The tennis courts (which are free to use).
    • You can also stroll along the banks of the Finham Brook, which flows through the fields.


    As they mention on their website,

    Abbey Fields is set in the dramatic valley of the Finham Brook and enjoys views of the historic town and Kenilworth castle.

    Website: Visit the Abbey Fields (Warwick District Council) website

    Catch a performance at the Priory Theatre


    If you’re looking for non-touristy things to do in Kenilworth, you should definitely catch a performance at the Priory Theatre.


    Although it can’t boast a history as rich or as long as Kenilworth Castle, Stoneleigh Abbey or Abbey Fields, the Theatre CAN claim a place in the great British theatrical tradition.


    The company behind the Theatre gave its first performance in 1932, as the Kenilworth Action Players.


    They achieved modest success, but performances had to be held on temporary stages as they lacked a permanent home.


    It wouldn’t be until the end of World War II (1945) that work began on creating a permanent home for the theatre company to stage performances…and it was then that the Theatre was born.


    The building you see today is not, however, the one that was built in 1945…as a fire broke out in 1976 which destroyed the old theatre.


    Needless to say, the company rebuilt the beloved theatre, and has been taking it to new heights ever since.


    The Priory Theatre of today houses 120 seats and puts on astonishing performances every year!


    As they mention on their website,

    Typically producing around 9 productions a year, there is a broad mix of entertainment - comedy, drama and pantomime - that provides something for everyone whether you want to watch our shows, or get involved on- or off-stage.


    Website: Visit the Priory Theatre website


    Social media: Instagram


    Phone: 0333 666 3366

    Pet Alpacas at Faerie Tale Farm


    This is another offbeat attraction in Kenilworth…one that’s sure to appeal to you if you’re into sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles.


    Faerie Tale Farm has been breeding alpacas since 2008, and has them conducive to maintaining a sustainable, non-conventional farm.


    Some of the things that you must check out at Faerie Tale Farm:

    • You can pet the alpacas, walk with them, and learn more about them.
    • Talk with Kierti, the owner, about sustainable and eco-friendly farming.
    • Browse the various hand-made alpaca products at their shop.


    As they mention on their website,

    Although originally from South America, these gentle camelids are ideally suited to life in the UK and can provide a wonderful, eco friendly lifestyle.


    Website: Visit the Faerie Tale Alpacas Farm website


    Social media: Facebook




    Phone: 07950 671 672 (sales) / 0121 449 0014 (shop)

    Five things to do in Kenilworth this January - a final word


    So there you have it.


    Five of the best things to do in Kenilworth in January - ranging from top-notch tourist attractions to sustainable farm visits.


    If you are, however, in the mood for a thrilling adventure with a team of family and friends, we can point you in the direction of Leamington Spa, where you can check out Warwickshire’s best escape room.


    We’re also going to keep updating our blog, so if you want to keep up on the latest things to do, attractions and all other things in Warwickshire (including Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, and so on), make sure to follow the Leamington Travel Blog.


    And finally, how did YOU spend January in Kenilworth?


    Where did YOU go? What did YOU do?


    Make sure you tell us, in a comment below!