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46 Fun Things To Do In Leamington Spa | Part II of II

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25+ Fun Things to do in Leamington Spa on the Weekend

Take a Walk Around Royal Leamington Spa

One of the first things to do when visiting Leamington Spa is to explore the town on foot. Take a stroll along the quaint avenues and soak up the picturesque scenery. The laid-back ambience is perfect for evading the hustle and bustle of city life and resetting your biological clock.

Royal Leamington Spa is a picturesque historical town with several interesting places to explore. Walk along the town’s by-lanes to get a feel for the architecture and atmosphere. Don’t forget to stop by a local café for a cuppa and biscuits or grab a pint as you kick your feet up.


Visit Experimental Escape

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Explore the Nightlife

Royal Leamington Spa is famous for its pubs. If you’re in town, don’t forget to visit a few and try some of their specialities. Some of our favourites include Fizzy Moon, The Royal Pug, Star and Garter, and Fox and Vivian. You might have to wait for your turn if you're visiting on a weekend as things can be pretty crowded after sunset.


Shop Till You Drop

Royal Leamington Spa is the perfect place to loosen your purse strings if you’re a shopaholic. Although the town isn’t huge, there are several renowned retail stores and shopping districts that you’ll love. From boutique stores offering an eclectic collection of trendy clothes to the biggest retail chains, some of the top brands have set up shop in town.

A few of our favourites include Superdry, Hobbs, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Oliver Bonas, Flying Tiger, etc. You can also explore several independent stores lining the main streets. The town centre at Royal Leamington Spa is lovely, and it’s never too busy. Drop by any time of the day, and you can shop in peace.

Take a Walk Around Jephson Gardens

Located in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa, Jephson Gardens is a popular spot for jogging or taking a break in between work. The scenic park and the grassy area were once places for the wealthy. It’s now one of the town’s top attractions. Stroll along the path leading to the floral displays and drop by the café for a quick snack.

Jephson Gardens is one of the best-kept treasures in town and a must-visit if this is your first trip to Leamington Spa. It takes about an hour to cover the perimeter, so take your time. We recommend visiting during dusk for the best views. The park is popular among fitness enthusiasts for jogging at dawn.


Drop by the Royal Pump Room Art Gallery and Museum

The Royal Pump Room Art Gallery and Museum is part gallery, part museum and offers excellent insights into the town’s history. Royal Leamington Spa is a historic spa town, and the old pump rooms played a vital role in the water supply network.

Although the building no longer serves its purpose, it reminisces tales from the olden days. Located on the town’s southern fringes, The Royal Pump Room Art Gallery and Museum is the perfect example of classic British architecture and technology.

It’s a sight to behold. Walk along the building’s exterior and explore the corridors as you soak up a bit of history. It’s a lovely place to visit on your first trip to Royal Leamington Spa.


Stroll Along the Riverbank at Victoria Park

Located right outside town, Victoria Park is a public park in Royal Leamington Spa. Situated on the banks of the River Leam, Victoria Park spreads over 18.5 acres. And up until the 1820s, the site was used as farmland.

As news started spreading about the magical properties of the town’s waters and tourists from around the world arrived, development efforts kicked up, and the idea for Victoria Park was conceived.

The park has an excellent playground for kids and a paddling pool accessible in summer. Other attractions include a tennis court and a skating park. Victoria Park is a popular haunt for the locals who spend their evenings walking along the riverbank and enjoying the cool breeze.


Watch a Show at The Royal Spa Centre

The Royal Spa Centre is a must-visit every time you’re in town. The theatre was officially inaugurated in 1972 and has an auditorium and a cinema. The place has a combined seating capacity of approximately 800 people and was constructed by renowned British architect Sir Frederick Gibberd.

The Royal Spa Centre hosts several theatres, musicals, comedy nights, and movies throughout the year. Check out the calendar and book your tickets to a live performance. Ticket prices are affordable, and the venue hosts community shows too. Royal Spa Centre promises an excellent experience every time you visit Leamington Spa.


Play Board Games at The Dice Box

If you love board games, The Dice Box is an absolute must-visit! This cosy little café serves some of the best snacks and the choicest beverages. Pick your favourite board games from the rack and play for hours on end with your friends over a delicious meal.

The Dice Box has some exciting board games from around the world apart from classic options. So, whether you like playing Monopoly or Scrabble, or are in the mood for Guess Who, Snap, Battleships, etc., pick a game that tugs at your heartstrings and settle down over a cuppa.

The Dice Box is the perfect escapade when the weather is rough. The place has over 700 board games and is one of Leamington Spa’s hidden gems. We recommend reserving seats in advance to avoid frustratingly long queues.


Try Your Hands at Pottery

This one is somewhat unconventional, and that is why we love it even more! Located 15-20 minutes outside Royal Leamington Spa, The Ceramics Studio offers pottery classes and workshops if you’re interested in trying your hands at pottery-making.

Set in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, this sky-lit loft in Ettington Business Park sets the perfect ambience to harness your creative instincts. The place offers several pottery-making courses and supports every student in their endeavour.

You don’t need previous experience to sign up, and the lessons are designed to make even the most nervous beginners feel at home. You can visit alone or drop in with a friend to make the most of a lazy weekend.


Hike the Elephant Trail

Located bang in the middle of Leamington Spa, the Elephant Walk is a sloping walkway on the banks of the river Leam where renowned Victorian elephant trainer Sam Lockhart’s elephants bathed. Lockhart worked for the famous Ringling Brothers Circus between 1896 and 1901, and his antics were celebrated around the world. Walk up the historical path and relive Sam Lockhart’s stories on your next trip to Leamington Spa.


Explore Warwick Castle

A trip to Leamington Spa is incomplete without exploring Warwick Castle. Located around 8 minutes from the Leamington Spa train station, Warwick Castle towers over the surrounding landscape. Plan your trip on a bright and sunny morning and spend a day exploring the halls, corridors, and gardens.

The castle is massive and packs several exciting adventures for kids and adults. Prepare to be mesmerised by stories from the olden days. Warwick Castle is a well-preserved part of British history, and the turrets offer some of the best views of the landscape. If you’re travelling with kids, check out the top things to do in Warwickshire with teenagers.


Pamper Yourself at a Local Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is perhaps Britain’s most significant spa town. So, it only makes sense to pamper yourself when you visit. The Mallory Court Hotel offers an incredible spa service that you simply cannot miss.

Located 8 minutes from the Leamington Spa train station, The Mallory Court Hotel sits right on the edge of Warwickshire. Enjoy a scenic drive through the beautiful countryside as you reach the hotel. The place offers a range of excellent treatment options to help you unwind at the end of a rough week.

You can check into the hotel or use their spa facilities. Mallory Court is one of the most popular accommodation options in Leamington Spa. The hotel offers several amenities, excellent views of the English countryside, and is close to the Leamington Spa town centre.


Go Glamping!

If you’re looking to avoid the crowd and stay close to nature without sacrificing on luxury, Royal Leamington Spa has exactly what you need. Hilltop Hideaways is not your average luxury accommodation!

Nestled into the hills of Warwickshire, this picture-perfect glamping facility on a third-generation family farm offers every amenity to ensure a comfortable vacation. Pick from a wide range of luxury accommodations suitable for couples and families, and relish your glamping journey.

From bell tents to cabins, shepherd’s huts, and more, book your stay at Hilltop Hideaways today. It’s the perfect way to add a sense of adventure to an otherwise nonchalant vacation. Looking for more exciting things to do in Warwick? Here are ten exciting places to go bungee jumping near Warwick.


Try You Luck at the Bowling Alley

If you love bowling as much as we do, we have just the place for you! Victoria Park Bowling Complex in Royal Leamington Spa is one of the best bowling alleys in the country. The place is the official home of the Women’s Bowls in England and sits at the top of every bowling enthusiast’s bucket list.


Visit Charlecote Park

The historic manor is one of the top attractions in Leamington Spa. The grand 16th Century country house is surrounded by a private deer park, and the property sits on the banks of the River Avon. The site is barely 6.5-miles from the Royal Leamington Spa town centre and is quite accessible.

The house is beautiful and has an interesting past, while the surrounding landscape is simply stunning. Spend an afternoon basking in the glorious atmosphere and watch the sunset from the river bank. If you’re visiting Leamington Spa this weekend, a trip to Charlecote Park must be on your bucket list.


Explore Stratford-Upon-Avon

Another famous town in Warwickshire, Stratford-Upon-Avon, is a 15-minute drive from the Royal Leamington Spa town centre. The historic town is one of England's most popular tourist attractions and a must-visit if you’re in Warwickshire. You’ll find several cheap hotels here if you want to spend the night.


Visit the British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum is a British icon and is located 6 miles from Royal Leamington Spa. The museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of classic British automobiles. And the exhibits include iconic vehicles like the first Land Rover ever produced to lady Penelope’s FAB1. The place is a must-visit for every petrolhead!


Explore the Ruins of Kenilworth Castle

Although not as well-preserved as Warwick Castle, the ruins of Kenilworth Castle have exciting stories of their own. Constructed in the early 1120s, Kenilworth Castle stands tall over the surrounding backdrop.

The structure was renovated several times over the centuries but is in a dilapidated state today. You can still decipher the beautiful architecture and skilled artistry from the few remaining portions that still stand. Take a walk around the surrounding area and relive moments from the region’s history.


Visit Chesterton Windmill

Constructed in the 17th Century, Chesterton Windmill is a Grade I listed building. The cylindrical structure is made of stone and is located 5.6 miles southeast of the Royal Leamington Spa town centre.

Chesterton Windmill is one of England’s earliest tower mills, and the diameter of the top of the platform is 72 feet.  The structure consists of two small and two massive windows and has been renovated several times over the years.


Visit Temple Grafton

A picturesque village in the Stratford district, Temple Grafton is a Shakespearean icon. It’s believed that the bard visited the area at some point. And the place is a huge tourist attraction.

Some of the most iconic buildings include St. Andrew’s Church, a Gothic revival house from the 19th Century called Grafton Court, and several pubs, halls, and sports clubs. The village is surrounded by lush greenery and is a visual treat.


Welcombe Hills

A local winery that has been around for the last two decades, Welcombe Hills specialises in brewing white, red, rose, and sparkling wines. Visitors can taste test and buy their favourite wine directly from the store. And the winery won several awards for brewing some of Britain’s finest wines.

The lovely family-owned winery is located close to Stratford-Upon-Avon. So, make sure to drop by on your way to town. The owners offer simple tips on brewing wine at home. You can follow their advice and enjoy some delicious homemade brews anytime you like. Welcombe Hills brews several wine categories like Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, to name a few.


Wander Through the Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Located on the banks of the River Avon, Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve is the site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and the headquarters of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. The reserve spreads over 230 acres and is home to a diverse ecosystem consisting of several local birds, mammals, and insect species.

The local flora includes 500+ plants and over 570 fungi species. And better yet, the place is open to the public seven days a week. Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve consists of reedbeds, woodland, scrubland, gravel pits, and fen. And the place is one of Warwickshire’s hidden gems.


Visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

A trip to Royal Leamington Spa is incomplete without exploring the Shakespearean side of the country. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is an important landmark in the area for being the house of Shakespeare’s wife.

The cottage has twelve rooms, several guest bedrooms, and a beautiful garden. Several sculptures adorn the ground, and the paths are neatly laid for easy navigation. The property sat on 90 acres back in Shakespeare’s day, although its size has reduced considerably since.

The house features several chimneys, the tallest of which emanates from the kitchen. The oldest section of the house was constructed in the 15th century, while the newer sections were added in the 17th century. Anne Hathaway’s cottage is an excellent example of Tudor-style architecture.


Stroll Around the Mill Gardens

Located adjacent to Warwick Castle. Mill Gardens is a private park that sits on half an acre of prime land. The place offers mesmerising views of the River Avon and is close to the castle’s entrance.

The garden is beautifully decorated and can be seen from the castle. Follow the pathway leading to the flower beds for a closer view. You’ll occasionally see swans nesting under the shade close to the garden. And that’s a sight to behold.


Explore the Beauty of Hartshill Hayes Country Park

Spread over 137 acres of forest land, the beautiful Hartshill Hayes Country Park is an hour’s drive from Leamington Spa. The park sits atop a beautiful hilly area and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

If you love exploring the outdoors, hike along the trails and watch for rare flora and fauna. There’s a playground on-site, geocaching opportunities, and a visitor centre for assistance. You can also pack lunch and have a family picnic in the shade.


Experience Gothic and Tudor Architecture at Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall is a Grade I listed country home 20 miles from the Royal Leamington Spa town centre. The manor sits on 300 acres and flaunts a mix of Gothic Revival and Tudor architecture.

This heritage structure was featured in several movies and documentaries and is a historic landmark. Arbury Hall is surrounded by lush greenery and several ponds. It’s the perfect place to explore with the family.


Are You Ready for an Epic Vacation?

Royal Leamington Spa is the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend. If you’ve never been in town before, our list should help plan an epic itinerary. The place offers several exciting activities for adrenaline junkies and resting opportunities for the lazy traveller. So, pick the sightseeing accordingly.

If you’re looking for recommendations for an unconventional vacation, we recommend visiting Experimental Escape for an excellent experience. We specialise in hosting special occasions like birthday parties, stag and hens’ parties, reunions, corporate team building events, etc. Get in touch today for details.

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