Funtastic Things To Do With your Kids In Leamington Spa

20 Funtastic Things To Do With your Kids In Leamington Spa.

Kids can be annoying! Nevertheless, we love them and want them to have the time of their lives. 

As parents, you can only take a day off, and your family and kids can go day tripping! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going into 20 Funtastic Things To Do With your Kids In Leamington Spa! 

If you are looking at budget constraints, here is a blog to help you! 

Explore 20 funtastic things to do in Leamington Spa with Kids

1. Victoria Park

Victoria Park has a lot of little things to offer. Opt for a little drive to the place with your family and kids. 

The park offers a skating area, a paddling pool for children, tennis courts, a biking path, and a bowling court. You can even get your pets to walk them in the vast open area! 

Pack a light picnic with some alcohol if you want, a sheet to sit on, and light snacks.


2. The Leam Boat Centre

One of the top-rated attractions, located in Jephson Gardens along the river, The Leam Boat Centre, offers boating that can be hired when you reach the destination. Take your kids out to paddle boats or motor boats to sit under the sky on the water amidst nature to enjoy the calm and peaceful life! 

You can also hire kayaks and canoes. The centre also provides training to beginners and a unique paddle power kayak for the children to learn! With proper instructions and instructors present, you shall have nothing to worry about. 

Head to the website to find more information! 


3. Experimental Escape, Escape Room

Among the top things to do in Leamington Spa with kids, Experimental Escape offers you to choose from two live games and six virtual reality games. 

The team at Experimental Escape Room looks forward to giving an immersive live experience that keeps you intrigued, amazed, and entertained! 

If you are looking for ways to spend time with kids, bring your family to our escape rooms, and we shall make sure that you have a good time! 

Here is why, you should take your family out for a vacation to an escape room specifically! 


4. Mr. Karting

A go-karting venue for you and your kid, Mr. Karting provides world-class facilities and impressive tracks. The karts are available for kids above 8 years of age. Rain or sun, they are open seven days a week, providing group race events with prizes as well! 

You can also celebrate special events here. The staff is amicable and offers excellent service as well.


5. Play Golf

A fun thing to do with the family! If you have taken your kid to play golf, it is your turn to take them to play golf! 

Situated in 1973, Newbold Comyn Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course, meticulously designed and well-maintained. 

The club offers a practice area, a bar, and a spa to relax after a game of golf!


6. Ufton Fields Nature Reserve

A haven for all nature lovers, the Ufton Fields Nature Reserve is home to several butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers, unusual plants, and birds. It also consists of 15 types of dragonflies and 28 different species of butterflies. 

If you are looking for places to go with your kid, this is a fantastic place to spend time with your children!


7. Tenpin Leamington Spa

A bowling alley with 26 lanes, Tenpin offers NAMCO arcade games and American and UK pool tables. With the number of lanes, your big family might look tiny! 

Get your family together and spend a day bowling! Compete with each other and keep scores! The winner pays for the entire trip!


8. Vue Cinema

Watch the latest movies in Vue Cinema in 2D or 3D. Plan a long drive with your family and kids, have an early lunch and catch a matinee show in the theatre! Check their websites for timings before you head out! 

The cinema hall boasts six screens with Sony 4K picture quality and 6.1 Digital Dolby speakers!


9. The Dice Box

A regular cafe with board games to play. Over 700 board games available, you may pick anyone to play with your friends and family while you wait for your order to arrive. 

A definite cool and unusual thing to do, take your family and kids to The Dice Box for a good afternoon of games over food and beverages!


10. Trampoline Park Warwick

A family-friendly attraction, Trampoline Park, Warwick, is being reopened with better thrill rides! 

With different trampolines, the park features plenty of thrill rides, racing slides, and flying in the air like never before! A lovely evening can be spent here after a long drive with food and multiple stops; your kid will love the way you ended the short-day trip! 

The place offers much more activities throughout summer. Check their website before you head out! 

For more adrenaline rushes, head here to find more!


11. Butterfly Farm Stratford-upon-Avon

Situated in the historic market town of Stratford-upon-Avon, Butterfly Farm is filled with butterflies! In a picturesque and exotic environment, filled with fishes in a pond, splashing waterfalls, watch thousands of colourful butterflies flying around! 

If you are lucky, you even get to watch a cocoon transform into a butterfly! A must-go for kids of all ages; you shall come back again! 

To explore more on Stratford-upon-Avon, head here!


12. Anglo-Welsh Canal Boats

With over 160 narrowboats and 11 canal boat hire bases, Anglo-Welsh Canal Boats offers a choice of vehicles, training, availability, and value for money. 

Take your canal boat and float off into the sunset for a weekend get-a-way! You shall be provided with all the necessary training, and you are off! Take your kids and pets for a long drive on the water.


13. MAD Museum

While regular museums generally do not let you touch their exhibits, MAD forces you to touch their products and go crazy! You can press buttons and pull screws to unleash your inner artistic nature! 

UK’s only mechanical art museum, they promote science, technology, engineering, and design in a never before seen methodology. Their collection consists of robots, 3D faces, marble walls, moving images, rolling sculptures, and many more, which cannot be believed if not seen. 

If you haven't been here, it is your calling to be here! Get your kids to this place, especially if they love science and have a curious nature! Isn’t this a funtastic thing to do in Leamington Spa with kids?! You bet! 

Explore more museums here!


14. Twycross Zoo

Opened in 1963, the zoo is set in the open countryside that occupies over 40 acres of land. Twycross Zoo caters to almost 500 animals of at least 100 different species, including endangered ones as well. 

The zoo consists of all kinds of animals, from leopards to tarantulas and parrots to prairie dogs. Take your kid to educate them all about animals. They can even feed them. 

Events are generally lined up throughout the year. Includes animal storytelling, performances, wet n wild play area, discovering new animals, and many more that the zoo has to offer!

Check their website for more information!


15. Children’s Play Village

A kid’s play area in Warwick where your kid can be whoever they want to be. Children’s Play Village has 12 different locations for the kids to prop up and dress up as they like. 

Your kid becomes a responsible person as they are tasked to get groceries or save a person or operate to help a person live. They hold three daily sessions with a limited number of seats for fun to happen! Check our blog for more information. 

You can relax at the Bistro while your kid has some entertainment! This can quickly become your kid’s best thing to do


16. The Wave Coventry

UK’s award-winning indoor water park, The Wave Coventry, is an indoor water park that boasts high-speed slides, water fountains, and a wave machine to keep your kid constantly grooving. 

With more rides and thrills to discover, this water amusement park is a family-friendly activity!


17. Bear Rock Indoor Climbing Centre

A great way to spend an evening here. Bear Rock Indoor Climbing Centre is an excellent place for kids to try and practice climbing. You can also celebrate your kid’s birthday parties here

With trainers and safety nets, your kid shall have a safe and secure climb. You need not worry about their safety and instead complete all the pending tasks at hand while your kid is kept busy here. 


18. Snowdome

Like other ice-skating rinks, Snowdome is an indoor snow skiing and snowboarding centre. It also comes with a swimming pool and gym. 

For a day trip to Leamington Spa with kids, you can stop here on your way back home. A definite way to end the journey, skiing shall get you good and tired!


19. Cadbury World

Here you shall find the entire history of Cadbury, how it started, developed, and is going now. It is a self-guided tour with colourful interactions about chocolate making and more! 

Imagine this like a chocolate museum, where you shall find different kinds of treats you never knew existed! Or you may find your childhood chocolates kept for show only! Alas! 

The best place for a family to go, your kid shall love you to the moon and back! 


20. Drayton Manor Theme Park

An amusement park with 12 rides based on different cartoon characters. Drayton Manor Theme Park is a bit far from the Royal Leamington Spa town. 

You may stop here on your way back home to spend a lazy afternoon riding rides accompanied by a full course meal! Take your kid too, and they shall find their way through the park!


So, where are you taking your family to? Or are you still dicy and are still looking for places to explore?

You may head to our other blog to explore more funtastic things to do in Leamington Spa with kids! 

Meanwhile, tell us about your experiences in Leamington Spa in the comments below! Cheers!