Leamington Spa’s Top Coffee Shops

The best coffee shops in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is not just known for its great escape rooms. There are several great coffee shops for you to sit in to relax before or after your ultimate escape game experience. Whether it is a delicious coffee, Tea or cake (or all three) they will have you covered. We have chosen our top 3. The great news is that they are all on the same street as our escape room on Warwick street.
There is nothing like an escape room to build up your appetite. The suspense and logical thinking really push you to the maximum and even after your escape game is over, that caffeine kick can be an attractive craving.

Jephson Park offers an oasis of peace and tranquility right in the heart of Leamington Spa.

Jephson Park - Leamington Spa's most famous park. Image courtesy https://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk/.

Before we start, the team at Experimental Escape team are by no means coffee experts, but we know what makes a great coffee, and we recognise great service. Our escape room provides the best escape game service in town, so we know what we are looking for.

Spa town coffee Leamington Spa

The perfect partner to your escape game in leamington spa

Can you smell the coffee?

Spa Town Coffee in Leamington Spa. Image courtesy https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/.


Spa town coffee is Leamington Spa’s best coffee shop in our opinion. They are located across the road from our escape room, so it is only a short hop to get your coffee fix. You won’t find better coffee anywhere else in Leamington Spa! These guys really know their coffee and that passion and knowledge reflects in their service and attention to detail. Like our escape games, you’re guaranteed to get the best final product in Leamington.

Location of yorks cafe Leamington spa

The Neighbour hood leamington spa - Warwick street - image courtesy of: https://www.yorkscafe.co.uk/leamington-spa


Located at The Neighbourhood on the same street as our escape room in Leamington Spa, Yorks café is our second choice for great coffee. They have a very spacious seating area, so plenty of space for social distancing! You can also grab a delicious cake and other food there if you fancy. We are sure they are escape game lovers too, who isn’t?


Coffee#1 on warwick street next door to our escape room, experimental escape in leamington spa

Coffee shops front on Warwick street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Photo courtesy of: https://www.coffee1.co.uk/


The best news is that Coffee#1 is beneath Experimental Escape in Leamington Spa. It couldn’t be more ideal! Escape games and Coffee in the same building is the perfect blend. Whether it is before or after your escape room experience, there is a lot of space to go and chill!




There is no better time to head into Leamington Spa than now! Local, small and independent businesses need to thrive again. Experimental Escape are back and trading safer than ever. We promise you won't be disappointed!