The Ultimate Guide to Spending a Weekend in Warwick

Here’s everything you need to know on spending a weekend in Warwick.

The old-school charm of Warwick is unparalleled. The town is packed with historical sights, magnificent architecture, and tons of outdoor activities to keep tourists busy over the weekend. And that is why Warwick enjoys such immense popularity as a weekend getaway among the city folks!

The quaint cultural town is barely two hours from the capital city by train, and Londoners regularly visit Warwick to escape the rat race. If you’re facing a similar conundrum, this guide highlights everything you need to spend a tranquil weekend in this peaceful shire.

How to Reach Warwick

Warwick is a small shire southeast of Birmingham. The town is barely 30 miles from the city centre and is accessible by road and rail. If you’re flying into the country, Birmingham airport is the closest. You must board a bus or train to cover the last leg of the journey.

What is the Weather Like?

During spring and autumn, the weather fluctuates between warm sunny days and freezing rains. Hence, if you’re travelling during this time, pack accordingly. The temperature is in the 10°C and 25°C range with a mix between warm southerly winds and freezing northerlies.

During the summer, the average temperature hovers between 20°C and 30°C, with the maximum temperature around 35°. The sun can be intense in this part of the country. Hence, summer days are ideal for lazing around the river or exploring indoor locations like Experimental Escape, the best escape room in Leamington Spa!

Top 6 Local Attractions in Warwick

Make your weekend trip to Warwick worth remembering with our ultimate guide to exploring the old shire like a local. Most of the activities are packed around the town centre, with a few additional sights just outside town. Stick around till the end to plan your itinerary without a hitch.

Paddle on the River Avon

If you’re in Warwick, this is your chance to rent a dinghy and paddle along the quaint River Avon. Take your significant other on a romantic excursion secluded from the humdrum of town.

Admire the magnificent castle and soak in the charm of your tranquil surroundings. Boats can be rented from Warwick Boats at St Nicholas Park, and several models are available for hire. You could also opt for a romantic river cruise to make your trip memorable.

Wander Through the Halls of the Old Warwick Castle

Take a guided tour of the fascinating fortification that towers above Warwick’s skyline. The unmistakable Warwick Castle has been standing its ground for the past eight centuries. The castle was the first fortified structure in the region and protected nearby villages.

The fortress is open for public viewing, with visitors either opting for free-roaming or guided tours. Explore the castle grounds, rooms, hallways, and dungeons if you’re brave enough. Get ready for an immersive experience that will take you through medieval England's vibrant and turbulent history.

Take a Romantic Walk Around St Nicholas Park

St Nicholas Park is the ideal place to spend a quiet afternoon watching the world go on its usual pace as the sun sets over the horizon. Watch the local wildlife make their way around the River Avon as you stroll along the winding path.

Wander Along the Cobbled Streets of the Old Town

Explore the quaint streets of the old town as you stroll along the cobbled lanes of Warwick. The leafy walls of the old town are shrouded by the towering Warwick Castle and separate the modern world from these streets.

Take a walk along the paved path and marvel at the glory of ancient architecture as you move past the visible beams and thatched roofs of the old houses on your way to Mill Gardens.

Revel in the Beauty of Mother Nature at Mill Gardens

The beautiful Mill Gardens sits on the banks of the River Avon just below the towering Warwick Castle. The garden was originally built as a play area for children at the start of the 20th Century, long before any signs of modernisation appeared in Warwick. Entry tickets are priced at £2.50 per adult. There is no need to book tickets in advance.

Explore the Ruins of the Magnificent Kenilworth Castle

If you’re impressed by the mighty Warwick Castle, try exploring the ruins of Kenilworth Castle. Located barely 6-miles to the north of Warwick, Kenilworth Castle is a quintessential part of local sightseeing tours.

The preserved ruins of the 900-year-old fortification are owned and maintained by English Heritage, a charity that manages over 400 historical sites around the country. Constructed in the 12th Century, Kenilworth Castle protected the shire during medieval times.

Kenilworth Castle gradually expanded over centuries and was eventually transformed into an Elizabethan Palace from a fortified structure. The castle grounds are packed with several engaging activities. And apart from exploring the ruins, visitors can enjoy live entertainment that’s put on daily for adults and kids.

Top 5 Restaurants in Warwick

There are plenty of dining options in Warwick. If you’re looking for an authentic local experience, the following cafes and restaurants are a must-visit.

The Thomas Lloyd

Owned by Wetherspoon LLC, The Thomas Lloyd is a cosy pub with casual décor and outdoor seating. The pub is one of the most popular establishments in Warwick and serves a range of craft beer on tap, real ales, and freshly ground Lavazza coffee.

Basement Browns

Located in nearby Leamington Spa, Basement Browns is a must-visit if you’re in Warwick. Famous for its incredible pizzas, this casual, counter-serve pizzeria’s rustic charm is unparalleled. Order from the classic menu and add your favourite dessert and coffee to make it a meal.

Thomas Oken Tearooms

A trip to suburban England is incomplete without a taste of the finest local brew – good old cream tea. And there’s no better place for the experience than the 500-year-old Thomas Oken tearooms. This cosy café has an extensive menu of afternoon teas and snacks. Don’t forget to drop in while you’re in town.

The Roebuck Inn

Warwick’s oldest public house with white walls and black beams is one of the shire’s highlights. Operating since 1470, the hostelry serves some of the best finger foods in town. If you’re in the mood to explore an authentic old-school pub, The Roebuck Inn won’t disappoint.

Giggling Squid

An authentic Thai restaurant in the middle of town serves Asian cuisine with a personality! Giggling Squid adds a little spice to Warwick’s old-school charm, and you’ll fall in love with the informal, energetic, and adventurous warmth emanating from the place. The menu perfectly combines exotic ingredients and bold flavours in their signature dishes.

The Best Accommodation in Warwick

There are plenty of excellent accommodation options in Warwick based on your budget. However, if you’re visiting during peak season, we strongly recommend making reservations ahead to avoid the late rush.

Luxury Accommodation

The Globe in Warwick town centre is one of the prime hotels in town. Despite offering high levels of opulence and sophistication, the property is surprisingly affordable. This rustic, beautiful, and tasteful hotel has an in-house bar and restaurant serving award-winning meat and seafood dishes. If the weather permits, dine al fresco on the terrace. And pair your meal with some of the finest local ale and wines from the onsite bar for a truly exquisite experience.

Standard Accommodation

The Holiday Inn Express is your best bet for mid-range accommodation. The hotel sits right on the edge of town and is two miles from the town centre. The amenities include free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, and an on-site bar.

Budget Accommodation

Jersey Villa Guest House offers the cheapest accommodation in Warwick. Located a mile from Warwick Castle, this cosy and comfortable accommodation is ideal for budget travellers seeking shelter for the short- or long-term. The guest house has every basic amenity like tea/coffee, wi-fi, and large comfortable beds.

Ready to Pack Your Bags Yet?

Warwick is an excellent place to travel with family, friends, or kids. If you’ve been to Warwickshire recently, share your stories with us in the comments below. If you’re planning a vacation shortly, check out our blogs page for more exciting content on the top local attractions in Warwickshire.

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