Why An Escape Room Birthday Party Is a Great Idea

Why An Escape Room Birthday Party Is a Great Idea?

Here are 4 unbeatable reasons!

Escape rooms are just like video games but in real life. They’re perfect for spending some quality time with a group of friends. So, the next time you’re planning a birthday celebration, why not treat yourself and close friends at Experimental Escape!

4 Reasons Why an Escape Room Birthday Party is a Great Idea

Escape rooms are designed for both small and large groups. Pick a puzzle depending on your requirements.

Fun Time Guaranteed!

While there are several venues for hosting birthday parties, escape rooms are great for every age group. For instance, if you’re planning a kid’s party at an amusement park, you must deal with annoying age restrictions for the rides. While some rides are meant for children aged 10 or below, others require adult supervision.

Escape rooms are free for all! Simply pick a room based on the number of enthusiasts and start playing! Every room is designed to accommodate multiple players and there are sufficient puzzles to keep everyone busy!

Cost-Effective Party

Birthday parties can quickly become expensive once you factor in costs like the venue, birthday cake, food and beverages, and presents. Hosting an Escape Room birthday party is relatively inexpensive but a lot more engaging. All you need are creative imagination and a keen eye for detail.

An Exciting Experience

Escape rooms are filled with puzzles and challenges. Hence, finding solutions can be a thrilling experience. All participants must work together to solve the puzzle within the allocated time. 

And a successful escape instils a feeling of accomplishment. Escape rooms are a lot more fun than traditional birthday parties, as the joy of exclaiming “we won the game” surpasses the thrill of unwrapping presents.

Create Memories for Life!

Escape room birthday parties might seem a bit weird and that’s the charm of it! Why play boring games like pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs when you could head on a sci-fi adventure with your friends and family. Your guests will fondly look back at the memories created and that’s the best part about an escape room birthday party!

But First, Here Are a Few Pointers!

Escape rooms are designed for groups of different sizes. Hence, there are several factors to consider before shortlisting puzzles. If you’re playing for the first tie, here are a few escape room tips and tricks to help you get started.

Pick a Theme That You Love

Most escape rooms have different themes or stories that you can choose from. Find a theme that you like and pitch the idea to your group before making a decision. Some of the most popular themes include sci-fi, action-adventure, and mystery, among others.

How to Find Clues

Every escape room has physical and mental clues hidden in plain sight. And you don’t need to be a genius to find them as long as you have a keen eye for detail. If you’re stuck with a problem, the most obvious solution is the right one.