10 Reasons Escape Rooms Make an Excellent Team Building Activity

Here are some fantastic benefits of spending time with colleagues in an escape room.

Corporate team-building activities are traditionally hosted in the open. Participants are generally asked a slew of get-to-know questions starting with an ice-breaker. While there was a time when these strategies were beneficial, the remote working era significantly changed the fundamentals of corporate events.

Several companies today organise virtual team-building events to get their employees acquainted. However, simple video conferencing fails to do the trick. This leaves team leaders pondering new ways to get their teams working together, and virtual escape rooms have emerged as an unlikely messiah in the face of adversity.

Escape rooms are more demanding than most other team-building events. They challenge players to think outside the box and proactively work towards a common goal.

Ten Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Ideal Team-Building Opportunities

They’re Surprisingly Affordable

Organising a corporate team-building event over the weekend can be expensive. Overheads include reserving the venue organising accommodation and food. On the other hand, Escape rooms cost way less, take little time to organise, and are way more effective in promoting camaraderie.

Escape games give players an hour to put their heads together and work their way out of the room. There’s no need to book a hotel or plan a long list of activities. Therefore, escape rooms are a cost-effective way to conduct corporate team-building events and bring your workforce together.

They Can be Physical or Virtual Depending on Your Situation

In-person escape rooms are ideal for hands-on interaction with no distractions. However, if your employees are based remotely, it isn’t easy to get them together under one roof all at once. Virtual escape rooms are your best bet for such situations.

They Highlight Your Strengths and Expose Your Weaknesses

Escape rooms force teams to step up to the challenge. Not everyone is good at every task that must be performed to escape the room. While you might be good at spotting puzzles, your teammates might excel at cracking codes or vice versa. Escape rooms reveal fascinating sides to your teammates’ personalities that you might not be familiar with.

Several Fascinating Themes to Pick From

There is no shortage of escape room themes and puzzles. If you think you’ve seen them all, check again! Gather your team around and pick a puzzle that fascinates you. Do you like space adventures? Or would you instead head into a jungle escapade? Pick your poison!

If you’re hosting a team-building event, focus on the personality traits you would like to boost. For example, if you want your teammates to pay attention to every detail, a mystery-themed room is your perfect bet. If you’re just excited about participating with friends, pick a random room and let fate decide.

Boosts Communication and Teamwork

If you’ve just onboarded a new team member, escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity to break the ice. Once inside the room, players must coordinate and communicate to solve the puzzle before time runs out.

Put your heads together and call out the clues if you want to escape on time. No matter how silly an idea might sound, share it with the team. And maybe it’ll help solve a puzzle that left the others baffled. This eliminates any inhibitions that a player might have about sharing their views.

Fosters Time Management

Most escape rooms are designed to be completed within 60-minutes. Hence, wasting time isn’t an option. This keeps the players motivated to work together and solve puzzles to beat the clock.

If you genuinely want to get out of the room before the clock stops ticking, you cannot afford to waste time. Your sworn enemies are clue hoarding, puzzle hogging, and a lack of communication. This constant pressure keeps players on their toes and fosters time management skills.

Thinking Outside the Box

Escape room challenges are unique, and you can’t fully prepare for what lies ahead. Sure, several puzzles are similar, and the plots might align. But that’s it! No two escape games are the same. And there’s no way to prepare in advance.

This forces players to think on their feet. And while traditional solutions work most of the time, you must think outside the box in certain situations. Problem-solving in real-time in this low-stakes setup is an excellent way to hone your skills for life’s challenges.

Manifests Leadership Skills

To keep a team functioning seamlessly, you need a leader to coordinate between the members and call the shots. Since players must split up and search for clues in smaller groups, a coordinated effort is crucial for covering more grounds.

A good leader keeps the team in order like the parts of a well-oiled machine. But a player must step up and take charge. Situations like these reveal hidden leadership skills. If you think you’re a natural, don’t shy away from taking responsibility. The worst that can happen is you’ll fail. But remember, failures are the pillar of success.

Promotes Camaraderie

Escape rooms are designed to be team games. Hence, you cannot solve all the puzzles alone before time runs out. We cannot stress enough the importance of playing together. And every team member must play a specific role to ensure the team’s success.

Even those having trouble solving puzzles can cheer for the team and keep the morale high. Win or lose, everyone participates in the game, and no one is left out. At the end of the day, promoting camaraderie is the goal, and escape rooms help players get into the team spirit.

Promotes on-Your-Feet Thinking

Players often encounter unexpected challenges inside an escape room, forcing them to think on their feet. While the room’s theme might be an office breakout. But instead of sifting through the paperwork, they may have to solve puzzles to find answers.

In everyday life, we’re often used to doing things in a certain way. Escape rooms challenge our limits and force us to break free from our comfort zones. Even if you’re playing an escape game with colleagues, your new surroundings will brew miscommunication. The trick is to overcome the challenges staring you in the face.

Ready to Dominate Your Next Escape Game?

Escape rooms offer an excellent opportunity for team-building. From improving communication to boosting employee morale and everything in between, escape rooms challenge players to develop new skills every step of the way.

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